3 Warning Signs That Show You He Isn’t The One

3 Warning Signs That Show You He Isn't The One

There are a lot of ways to know if the person you are dating is the one, or if he isn’t. Knowing if the person you are with is worth more of your time is extremely important because you don’t want to settle down or get serious with someone that doesn’t share your same values. If people have learned something is that love can’t be forced, and when it is, it just doesn’t work afterward. 

Often people fall in love with people’s potential, on who they can turn out to be, and what they will become, but this isn’t reality, and falling in love with potential is like falling in love with a lie. Even some women are convinced that people can change afterwards, and for instance, if he is a liar, you might come to the conclusion that whenever you guys are serious he will stop doing this. The reality is, that a lot of women fool themselves because they are in deep need of a soulmate, but this is something that can’t be faked. And when the person is perfect, and he is the one, you will know, but often those warning signs you get from someone that isn’t the one, are the ones you should be looking out for. 

It is even harder for women to admit themselves the truth when the relationship isn’t going their way. Trust your intuition and ask yourself if you deserve better or if he is everything you wished for in a partner. Nevertheless, if you still can’t know if he is or isn’t the one, check out these warning signs to finally know that he isn’t

1. If you have a list of things to change about him

Do you ever wish he was different or that he could change some things about his look or his personality? If you have a mental list of things you will change from him, then you probably know he isn’t everything that you are looking for, and for that reason, he isn’t’ the one.

Finding the one means accepting someone for their flaws and who they are, and not wanting to change anything about them. 

2. Trust Isn’t There

Trusting someone is a hard task to do, but with time,if the person is worth your trust they will gain it. A warning sign in the relationship is when you can’t seem to trust the person, or the other way around, this is how you know you can’t be with this person. And it is not just about being a little jealous, everyone goes through that and it is okay , but it is about really not trusting and believing your partner.

3. Communication Fails

When communication fails, everything fails as well. If you constantly feel like you don’t really talk about stuff with your partner, this is a warning sign. He should be worth your trust for you to open up easily and communicate about simply everything. You both should be open about everything and know everything about each other, and if it is something that isn’t happening, then you already know the relationship doesn’t have a future.

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