Four Steps to Doing Baby Hairs

Four Steps to Doing Baby Hairs

If you’ve ever seen a fashion shoot with a model who has highly textured hair, or you know people in your friend group who do, you might have seen them styling their baby hairs. The process of learning how to do baby hairs isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require some practice and it might not be fully obvious to someone who hasn’t learned how to do it before. Here’s a simple four-step guide to doing your baby hairs.

1. Brush the Baby Hairs Down

The first step is to brush the baby hairs away from the rest of the hair. You should do this after you’ve completed the rest of the hairstyle, leaving only the baby hairs near the edges. Use a toothbrush or a dual-edge brush and comb to intentionally comb the baby hairs away from the rest of the hair. This is the opposite of the way you’ll often tame flyaways; you want to pull the baby hairs out, rather than trying to make them blend into the rest of the hair.

2. Work Styling Gel Into the Hair

Next, take a good styling gel and work it into the baby hairs. Got2b gel is a great choice, as its hold is incredibly strong. Especially if you’re new to this process or you’re planning to do a significant amount of styling work, make sure you only do very small sections of the hair at a time. That way, you’ll have time to style the hair before the gel dries.

3. Create Swoops With Your Fingers

Your fingers are one of the most important tools when it comes to styling baby hairs. Brush your baby hair into the direction you want it to go, then use your finger to press the hair down and guide the hair into a swooping effect. Your fingers can also help style your baby hairs in other ways; just use your brush and your fingers together to do so.

4. Let the Hair Set With a Satin Scarf

A satin scarf, which you may also buy as an edge wrap or laying scarf, is a great way to make sure the hair sets in the proper configuration, allowing you to use the baby hair style you’ve created for a long time. Wrap the satin scarf around the edges until the gel dries, and make sure you put the scarf on when you sleep as well. It will minimize breakage and protect the style.


Baby hairs don’t have to be complicated or difficult to manage. As a matter of fact, if you know how to do them, you may find that it ends up being an incredibly appealing element of your hairstyles. Plus, baby hairs also open you up to a wide variety of different styles – there’s no one “right” way to do baby hairs, and creativity is always welcome. Follow these four steps to make sure your baby hairs come out the exact way you’re hoping they will.

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