Getting to Know Someone: What Questions Should You Ask While Dating

Getting to Know Someone: What Questions Should You Ask While Dating

Whenever you start dating someone new, you need to really find out who the person is and what their intentions are. Getting to know someone is definitely a difficult process since some people who have been dating for years even claim that you never stop knowing someone. Nevertheless, there are a couple of important things that you should know before getting into a serious relationship with someone. 

The important thing about dating is to get to know the other person so naturally there are a couple of important questions you don’t want to leave out. 

1. Career and Goals

Very important question to ask the person that you were dating is why do they work currently and what future goals do they have. The reason to know the answer to this question is that you are going to want to know if the person that you’re dating has motivations in their life; if they like to settle for whatever comes along or if they have great expectations for their future. You want to be with someone that pushes you to be better,  and if you end up finding out that this person doesn’t even have motivations on their own they are highly unlikely to change who they are.

2. Do They Ever Consider Getting Married

People date other people to get married eventually and form a life together. After all, when you meet that special someone, marriage does cross your mind. Nevertheless, for some people marriage isn’t even an option, some don’t want to ever get married, while others may have a previous divorce, or a negative relationship experience due to infidelity, which has led them to never want to get serious with anyone. For this reason, you need to ask if the person has ever considered marriage,  this way you can know if someone is serious about dating and has good intentions to it,  or if you can’t ever come to.

3. Do they want kids

The same reason why you’re asking about marriage, talking about kids is fundamental. Getting to know someone is understanding what their vision of the future is, and if it agrees with what yours is. For some couples having kids is not even an option, and it is definitely something important to talk about when dating someone. You don’t necessarily need to talk about kids on the first date, but make sure you know the answer to this question before getting serious with someone.

4. Ask about intimacy and sex

Talking about sex is important too, intimacy in a relationship is primordial and can be a deal-breaker for some people. Get to know your partner, talk about what you like and what you don’t like in sex, and then hear them out as well. Hear what they think about intercourse and then form an opinion based on it. Sex is necessary for any healthy relationship, which is why you are going to want to find out about this sooner than later. 

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