Home Decoration Trends for 2021

Home Decoration Trends for 2021

Cosy Colours

Perhaps in response to turning our homes into sanctuaries after a tumultuous year, home decorators are opting for deeper, darker colours to create cosy havens. According to Google Trends Data, dark green walls have been googled over 100% more in recent months with dark blue kitchens seeing an even great increase. Our rooms become cocoons for relaxation with these soothing depths of colour.

Copper Taps

Previously seeing a resurgence with the rise in popularity of industrial décor, copper taps are now even more sought after. This is perhaps due to being perfectly suited to accompany the darker greens and blues of the year. They also speak to our return to home comforts and the continuing trend for a cottage core aesthetic.

Rad Radiators

As homeowners continue to make their radiators features, rather than hide them away, vertical radiators uk maintain their popularity of last year. Plus, as stronger colours are featuring in home decor, we are seeing more coloured radiators too. In response, top radiator manufacturers are offering up a whole host of styles and colours, as seen in Stelrad’s range of designer radiators; so, now everyone can have fun with their heating.

Cottage Core

Cottage core’s popularity began in 2020 with the embracing of all things reminiscent of the English countryside. As an escape from modern lives and a return to simpler things, homes became filled will tranquil palettes of calming cream and soft sage. Country motifs such as hedgehogs and mushrooms feature on china and art. Plants, both living and dried, and particularly strings of flowers, are key to this design too.

Perfect Panelling

Tongue and groove, otherwise known as shiplap, is making a comeback this year. Reminiscent of cosy home libraries and gentleman’s studies, it is in keeping with the cosy colours which are popular this year too. Long beloved in more period properties, panelling is a quick way to add character to a new build property.


Harnessing the best of two worlds, the Japandi design aesthetic merges Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian rustic simplicity. Japandi homes are decluttered with simple clean lines. Materials for this trend include light oak, natural fabrics, and hand-crafted quality pieces.  The result is a calming yet welcoming environment.

Dried Flowers

The past year has seen a dramatic increase in searches for and orders of dried flowers. Forget the ones you remember from granny’s mantlepiece. This trend sees pampas grass, eucalyptus leaves and poppy seed heads make statement centrepieces. Even popular letterbox flower services are including dried flowers in their offering.


Also known as granny chic, this design trend is marked by floral wallpaper, delicate china, and embroidered linen. Its popularity is attributed to lockdown ennui leading to a desire for home comforts like Grandma used to offer. This trend needs to be carefully balanced to create a home that is timeless rather than twee.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

With the preference for natural materials being key to both the continuing popularity of cottage core and the rise of the Japandi trend, wicker and rattan furniture is making its own comeback. Lightweight and natural, this furniture benefits from working well indoors or outdoors offering flexibility for where you add it into you design scheme.

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