4 Reasons You Should Date Someone With A Dog

4 Reasons You Should Date Someone With A Dog

If you are a dog lover, and you have a pet of your own, you definitely want to date someone who loves dogs as much as you do. When a guy has a dog, it says a lot about their personality, they are loving people who enjoy the company of animals. Often people that treat animals well are known to be very kind-hearted and to treat humans and pets with the same respect. Although having a pet is not everything you need to know about your partner, it is definitely something that you want to look out for. 

If you appreciate pets a lot you also know that dogs can sense when people are nice, they instantly bond with them, unlike when someone isn’t fond of animals, dogs seem to sense this about a person. People who love dogs have tons of qualities that you should be looking out for, and for that reason, you should definitely date someone that has a dog.

1. Patience

People with dogs are normally more patient. They already know what it means to care for someone else than themselves and they can be patient beings as they also understand what it means for a dog to have needs.

Especially if your guy had raised his dog since it was a puppy, they definitely know patience as they had to train them for a while. 

2. Kind-Hearted

Guys that have a dog have definitely a soft spot, and they can be kinder beings than those who don’t. Especially if you know that they adopted their puppy, you can be sure that those guys have a kind heart you can count on. You also know that dogs can be quite messy and destructive and if your guy has a dog you know that he isn’t just responsible, but he is easygoing and caring of his pet.

3. Commitment

A dog owner definitely knows a thing or two about commitment, they know already how to be faithful to someone’s needs. Since they already committed to taking care of a dog, they already know the responsibility it takes to engage in something new. Committing to a dog is not just a short term thing, it is meant to be for life, to care for them and to constantly aid them in whatever they need.

4. Active and In Shape

You know that dogs are active, they require walks and exercise to keep their energy levels at a decent rate during the day. For this reason, any guy that has a dog has to keep himself active as well. They usually go on a lot of walks, they maintain themselves active, and even in shape. Some guys even take their dogs on runs with them, and this means that this guy stays fit. Having a dog around pushes people to become more outgoing, and leave the house more often, and if you are someone that likes activity and lots of walks, date a guy with a dog and you can be sure that you will get a ton of this activeness. 

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