Our Guide to The Best Low Noise Fireworks

Our Guide to The Best Low Noise Fireworks

Whilst it may seem that everyone enjoys fireworks, they can be disrupting for some including animals. Part of the enjoyment of fireworks is the characteristic loud bang before the sky is lit up, but there is a demand for low noise fireworks that can be very convenient. If you are looking to buy fireworks online and can’t decide which to choose, here is our guide to the best low noise fireworks available.

What are low noise fireworks?

A low noise firework is exactly how it sounds; all the fun of a regular firework, just much quieter (under 100dB). You still get the colourful displays and spectacular light show, but either with a lower level bang or no bang at all. This also includes those other sounds familiar with a firework display, such as whooshes, fizzes, and rat-a-tat bangs. This means you can set off fireworks in the eve from your garden all year round without waking the neighbours, causing distress to your pets and local wildlife, and help the ears of those more sensitive to loud sounds. The best thing is, your enjoyment should be unaffected as you still have everything else that is great about fireworks

What settings would low noise fireworks be ideal for?

There are many reasons for wanting to use low noise fireworks. If you are a pet owner, you may have noticed your dog or cat doesn’t look forward to bonfire night or new years eve due to the loud bangs ringing across your area. It can be distressing for them, so to help them feel more relaxed whilst you enjoy yourself, a low noise firework is ideal. Also, young children who may not be used to the loud noises can find the bangs distressing too. Low noise fireworks solve this issue and keep the noise at a much more comfortable level for everyone. Whilst many accept that annual events like Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve will have fireworks, other times of the year may take people by surprise. If you live in a quiet residential area and you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower with fireworks, for example, reaching for the low noise equivalent will ensure you stay popular with the neighbourhood.

What types of low noise fireworks are available?

You may think you would be restricted by choice when looking at low noise fireworks, however, there are still all your favourites available. Plus, many of the fireworks you have enjoyed over the years could already be low noise anyway, such as sparklers or Catherine Wheels, smoke bombs and fountains. It’s the usual suspects such as rockets that you’ll find are much quieter, yet still very much the same in terms of performance and wow factor. Instead of a loud bang, you’ll hear more of a pop or muffled bang and that’s whether you have self-launch individual rockets or a compound of multiple rockets all ready to launch from one fuse. 

If you’ve never thought about choosing low noise fireworks, it’s never been a better time to explore these for your next display. Keep a maximum level of fun with a minimum amount of noise all year long.

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