Ms. Taken Ring and Keychain

$ 14.95

Each Ms.Taken ring package comes with:

• Ms.Taken Classic 2-carat Australian crystal ring, set in a size-7 stainless steel band •

• You can use a ring guard to size it down or ask a jeweler to size it up •

• Discreet keychain case with compact mirror •

• Set of Playaz cards, to help you spot unsuitable suitors •

• Enclosed in a high-quality jewelry case •

Polished to a perfect shine, this 2-carat Australian crystal is set in a simple stainless steel band. It starts as a size 7, which your jeweler can easily adjust for you. The classic, simple, elegant design pairs perfectly with any style – and no one will guess that it isn't a genuine diamond.

Since it doesn't do you any good sitting at home, we've crafted a crafty ring case that you'll never forget. Doubling as a keychain with a compact mirror, you'll always have your Ms.Taken ring on hand when you need it. (And off your hand when you don't.)

There are countless situations where you might want appear to be Taken — without the commitment. Don’t make up excuses, just slip on the Ms.Taken fake engagement ring. (And to the fathers, brothers and friends out there, it makes a great gift!)