The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Summer Fashion

When the temperatures climb, sartorial style can get tricky. You want to look smart and polished but not like a sweaty mess.

Luckily, plenty of Adam Kimmel mens summer fashion staples offer the perfect blend of style and comfort. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lightweight Fabrics

The right fabrics are key to keeping a stylish and comfortable look in hot weather. Natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, and chambray, are all premium options that are light in texture and have open weaves, allowing air to flow easily through your clothing and keep you cool.

For casual wear, swap your heavy wool or corduroy button-downs for a light linen option that keeps you cool and looks great with shorts, chinos, and jeans. If you need to dress smart for a summer event, opt for a suit in a linen blend cloth that keeps you cool (though they tend to crumple easily). Lighter colors will also help reflect the sun and keep you cooler.

Woven Leather Belts

A good belt is as important for summer fashion as a good pair of shoes. This season, designers showed woven leather options that work with jeans and casual outfits. Calfskin and suede belts look dressy enough to complement a suit but relaxed and laid-back enough to work with your casual shorts and chinos.

The same goes for braided leather bracelets, which make a stylish and versatile addition to your wardrobe. A good choice is a cuff style that you can wear paired with a watch. Alternatively, a wrap-style bracelet adds an edge to smart casual outfits.


A pair of sunglasses is an indispensable summer accessory for men. It adds a touch of class and elevates your look. You can choose from various styles and designs, but stick to the ones that complement your face shape.

A hat is also an important part of your wardrobe during the summer. Choose a straw Panama hat for a casual vibe or a lightweight cabbie hat to keep it dressy.

Denim is also a key part of the summer look. From the swashbuckling Breton stripes at Gucci to the micro safari pants and the thigh muscle-flaunting cuts, this is a classic piece that never goes out of style.


Few men’s summer clothing is as important to a man’s wardrobe style as a good pair of shorts. A pair of chino shorts (or corduroy ones for a more formal look) can transform your entire outfit and are ideal for smart casual occasions.

Denim shorts (aka jorts) are also a classic, offering a rugged casual look that works well with graphic tees or casual button-ups. Aim for a pair 2 “-4” above the knee for the most contemporary style.

Polo Tees

As summer approaches, it’s time to ditch heavy layers in favor of light clothing that embodies the season. This includes shorts, a versatile pair of pants for beach days and BBQs, or tailored trousers in a warm color like tan.

Polo tees are an absolute men’s summer wardrobe essential, bridging the gap between casual and semi-formal attire. They look great with shorts and are a good option for a day at the beach when paired with nice-fitting chinos.

Remember that polos look best without pockets, which detract from the overall sharpness of an outfit. Also, avoid popping the collar, as it reads as douchey in a casual setting.


A well-fitting suit is a summer staple, whether looking for office attire in soaring temperatures or the perfect outfit at an August wedding. To avoid overheating, use breathable fabrics like linen, seersucker, or lightweight wool.

A Breton shirt is another classic, offering a toned-down take on stripes. Pair it with cuffed navy chinos and minimal leather sneakers or Derby shoes, depending on the occasion.

When choosing a color, lighter shades like stone or light grey are easy neutrals that are ideal for summer. Alternatively, try something bolder, like berry, to make a statement. Just make sure the shade compliments your skin tone.

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