Top 5 Most Watched Categories

Top 5 Most Watched Categories

There is a whole range of content available to us online, with one of the most watched types of content being porn – there are thousands of categories, genres and sub-genres that can be explored online, whether you’re looking for something to get you and your partner in the mood, or it’s for your own pleasure. If you’re looking for porn online, searching for it will bombard you with a massive number of results, so narrowing it down is essential when trying to find what you’re looking for! Below, we’ll take a look at the 5 most watched porn categories online, from lesbian to anal with big ass to see what we’re all watching, and to dive into porn that you might not be familiar with! Does your favourite make the list? 

1. Lesbian 

This is one of the most watched porn categories online. As you can imagine, it features all girl-on-girl content – but there is a difference between porn online that caters to lesbians, and porn that caters to others that is more performative and is aimed mainly towards men who find lesbian porn particularly exciting. With so many videos and subcategories to choose from within this genre, it’s clear to see why it’s topped the list as one of the most-watched categories online – no matter your sexual preference! 

2. Hentai 

This is another type of porn that comes up regularly as a most-watched category – which might surprise you if you’re not familiar with what it includes. Hentai is a Japanese word that relates to any strange type of sexual desire, but when it’s used to describe porn, you should think of it as pornography featuring manga or anime characters. There are so many subgenres within this category which – let’s be honest – can be a little strange if you’re not into that kind of thing. But plenty of people enjoy it! Maybe that’s due to the huge range of videos on offer. 

3. Big Ass 

This category is pretty self-explanatory as you can imagine. Porn featuring big bums is high on the list of favourites, which is maybe not too surprising. However, the porn within this category simply features people with big bums, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be seeing anal. If anal porn is what you’re looking for, searching ‘big ass anal’ is the best option, this way you can be sure to find something you enjoy! If you’re more of a breast person, ‘huge breasts’ is another category that scores highly with porn viewers globally. 


MILF is another well-searched porn category, with plenty of content to be viewed on whichever porn site you prefer! This type of porn often features a younger man and an older lady all with varying backstories, one of the most popular being a best friend’s mom, or even teacher role-playing. Again, if this is one of your favourites, you can take advantage of the various genres and subgenres that come with this one! Similarly, mature is also a popular category online – there are no signs of ageism in the industry! 

5. Amateur 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, amateur porn is featured on most porn sites and is one of the most watched. Amateur porn is exactly that – it usually doesn’t feature all of the performance and camera tricks that you’d find with most popular porn stars and well-known production companies. It could be set that many of us enjoy this type of porn because it’s more realistic, and we can relate more to this than we can to the fakery that comes with a lot of porn and its various categories! Amateur porn is probably one of the categories with the most sub-genres, whether you’re looking for anal, porn with a backstory or a specific body type – this category has it all to offer. 

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