Top Tips When Designing A New Build

Top Tips When Designing A New Build

When it comes to creating your dream home, ensuring you head into the project equipped with the knowledge you need to make your vision a reality will make the process as smooth as can be. From searching for ‘the best architects near me’ to adding the final decorative touches, we delve into some of the key considerations that you should keep in mind during the process of designing your new build home.

Establishing a realistic budget

Although this may seem like an obvious one, often we underestimate how much certain things cost and do not account for extra finances which may pop up throughout the process. Getting fixed price quotes from reputable consultants and local companies who can partner with you to carry out certain services will help you estimate a more accurate price for the process before you get going. It is always recommended to not spend your entire budget; leave some aside for any additional investments that may be needed if a fault comes along or plans change slightly, leaving you in a comfortable position.

Measuring up the floor plan

Often our wonderful ideas can fall short when it comes to making them a reality. Working with experienced architectural designers who can sketch out an accurate floorplan based on your intentions will help identify any key problems before it’s too late and ensure that you are happy with the results before it comes to construction. Planning every last detail such as windows, doors, walkways and outdoor space will avoid forgetting the vital aspects, and be sure to measure up the furniture you intend on placing in each room to ensure it will all fit as you hoped.

Maintain a comfortable temperature

One area worth investing into is double glazing and household insulation. If your home struggles to hold in the heat, it can be incredibly expensive to keep it at a pleasant temperature in the winter months and has the potential to lead to long term issues. On the other hand, large windows or glass fronts that absorb the heat from the sun can also make a room uncomfortably warm if it is facing the sun. Considering the placement of the windows and the type of insulation you opt for will make maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round considerably easier so you do not have to worry about costly heating and air con bills.

Consider ongoing maintenance

Convenience is key and since you are going to be the one living in the new home, make sure you are able to provide the upkeep it needs. If any spare tiles can only be sourced overseas, your alcove lighting can only be dusted with the help of a ladder or any guest cars will block your driveway, these minor inconveniences all add up. Being able to keep your new home looking just as spectacular for years to come will mean you can enjoy your pride and joy without having to splash out on expensive maintenance. Keep spirit level tools ready with you, for the best performance during the job site.

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