Topic: Benefits of a Tantric Massage

Topic: Benefits of a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an energetically based form of bodywork that begins with a hands-on approach. As modern daily life can burden you with unhealthy toxins, stress, disease and more; tantric massage is a way of removing toxins and blockages from your body that are affecting your energy, mental health, physical health and more. By having regular tantric massages in London and other areas in the UK, you can ensure your body is drained of anxiety and depression, overwhelming disconnection from your sexual self and much more. Here, we’ll discuss all the benefits of a tantric massage. 

1. Relieves Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction stems from an imbalance of sexual energy and blockages. The tantric massage deals directly with the sexual energy and restores balance, order and harmony within you. This then holistically treats with erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, sexual aversion disorder, premature ejaculation. 

2. Awakening The Spirit

Tantric massage was designed as a way to prepare an individual for the higher tantric teachings and practices that might be out of their reach. It acts as a bridge for modern people and clears everything that is not your true nature and prevents you from realising your full human potential. Many people experience a spiritual awakening as a result of tantric massage as the veils of ignorance are lifted and you gain a broader perspective about your purpose and who you are. 

3. Eliminates Blockages

Every person has blockages. These can be mental, physical, sexual, spiritual or psychosomatic. Because the origin is unknown, it’s important to release them in a managed way. There are precise methods for doing this in tantric massage and once they’re gone, the receiver of the massage feels a great sense of relief, contentment and unprecedented metal and emotional freedom. 

4. Realising Your Full Orgasmic Potential

Although the release of a sexual experience is what you look forward to, the pinnacle of sexual experiences is supposed to be an extended state of bliss that lasts for several minutes to several hours. When the sexual energy is strictly condensed to the genitals, the result is an outward orgasm which is superficial and unfulfilling. Tantric massage awakens the sexual energy and retains it within the body to then disperse it throughout your entire being. This allows you to experience whole-body orgasms.

5. Increases Confidence

Tantric massage helps you to become more confident and increase your self-esteem by removing the shame, guilt and self-critical views about your body layer by layer. By removing these negative thoughts and emotions, the massage will bring out a newfound appreciation and admiration for your physical being. The result is a feeling of confidence, of being reconnected, and embody the sophisticated, intelligent body that you have.  

6. Healing

There are so many benefits of tantric massage. By applying the tantric techniques, your whole body is purified and cleansed. Your energy system is re-educated on how to utilise powerful internal and external energy sources for healing. As a result, many chronic issue such as pain, disease, depression, sexual dysfunction and emotional issues can be alleviated entirely. 

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