How To Honor Your Partner’s “Gift-Giving” Love Language

How To Honor Your Partner’s “Gift-Giving” Love Language

Love is a universal word that describes an intense feeling of deep affection for a person, place, or thing. While this is a general definition, the true meaning of love is as diverse as the people who experience it. Everyone perceives, gives, and receives love differently. As someone in a committed relationship, it is imperative to understand and honor your partner’s love language. 

What Is A Love Language? 

A love language is an individual’s understanding and expectation of love. It is how they desire to express and receive love from others. Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D., categorizes love languages into five groups: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and gifts. Although people can identify with or desire more than one language, it provides a foundation for couples to learn how to love and show love within their relationships. 

The Challenge Of Gift-Giving

Each love language is unique and will initially present challenges for couples that don’t perceive, express, or receive love the same way. However, when someone in the relationship prioritizes gifts as an expression of love, it can be challenging for their partner to comply. 

There are several reasons why gift-giving is a difficult love language. The pressure to select a gift your partner appreciates and to continue that practice regularly can be stressful. Some people may even find gift-giving to be expensive. 

Mastering Gift-Giving

How do you overcome the challenge of giving your partner gifts to express love in a way they can receive it? While mastering this love language won’t happen overnight, here are some tips to help you get started. 

Change Your Mindset

The first tip is to evaluate and adjust your mindset about gift-giving. You must understand that a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to send a meaningful message. You don’t have to break the bank and repeatedly attempt to “outdo” yourself whenever you choose a gift for your partner. 

Ultimately, your significant other will appreciate that you took the time to put a smile on their face. Understanding gift-giving in this manner makes it easier to honor your partner’s love language.

Little Things Mean A Lot

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Big things come in small packages” or “Little things mean a lot.” However, many assume that the gifts they give their partners need to be large or expensive to symbolize how much they’re loved. 

The truth is, you can purchase (or make) things for your significant other that are small in size or cheap in price but have an impactful meaning. For example, sweet treats, meals, and snacks are great small gifts for men that would be ideal for a man who enjoys food. 

Use Your Skills, Talents, And Resources

Sometimes, the best gifts a person can receive are those you acquire using your skills, talents, and resources. More than buying the trendiest item for men or women, a gift you’ve invested your time and energy into can show how much your partner means to you. 

Let’s say you sing or play a musical instrument. Writing and performing a song for your partner requires a lot of thought, effort, and time and your partner will appreciate your willingness to ensure they feel loved. 

Practicality Works Too

Many people who identify gift-giving as their love language don’t expect to receive an elaborate present daily. Believe it or not, receiving something practical that makes their life easier or more enjoyable can mean the world to your partner. 

For instance, if your wife spends more than her fair share of time cooking meals for the family, buying a cooking appliance (crockpot, air fryer, rice cooker, etc.) or a meal kit delivery subscription would simplify her life. 

Showing your significant other love in a way they can receive it is an invaluable practice for a healthy relationship. Using love languages as a foundation can help you learn to love and express love daily. For individuals whose partners prefer gift-giving, changing your mindset, investing in the little things, using your skills and talents, and purchasing practical items can help you overcome common challenges and strengthen the love in your relationship.

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