How to Run Errands Productively When You Have Kids

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Parenting is a full-time job, and anyone with kids knows how much time management and energy it requires. Aside from tending to your children’s needs, parents still have many other responsibilities that need attention. Figuring out how to accomplish those with kids in tow can get overwhelming. But remember to breathe, and that it’s possible to be productive while still caring for your kids. All it takes is a few tricks up your sleeve!

Set an errand schedule

If possible, try to set a specific day and time in the week for errands alone. If you dedicate this time slot to getting those things done, you can plan out your objectives better and not feel like you’re constantly out of sorts trying to catch up. If you have appointments, try to fit them into your “errand day”.

Having a set schedule can help you go through the motions more smoothly, and you can even figure out a way to finish certain tasks when your kids are more rested. You can get in your morning exercise while the kids are still asleep, or go to that doctor’s appointment while your kids are in school. Also keep in mind that you can always set your errand schedule to a day when you can rely on a babysitter to watch the children while you go out and get everything done. Healthline’s list of babysitting websites and apps can help you look for trustworthy care if you don’t know where to start.

Bring the right stuff for your kids

Of course, there are times where you simply have to do your errands with your kids tagging along. Though that may possibly sound stressful, it can also be a good opportunity to get them involved and learn some responsibilities. If you’re mostly doing errands oriented for you to accomplish solo, then try to combat boredom or wandering from your children by providing them with things that will keep their interest. In terms of entertainment, include them whenever you can and allow them to bring a toy that you know keeps them engaged. The selection of toys on Verywell Family are suitable for strollers and car seats and include such items as tag along travel pals and a Whoozit Activity Toy. Think assigning your kids to do simple tasks like bringing you canned goods, or creating imaginative scenarios for them! Find ways to make it fun for both you and your children.

Bring the right stuff for yourself

You also want to have the right tools. It’s also all about being prepared before you leave the house, especially if you have very young children. Having the right stroller lifts a huge burden off of your shoulders on a busy day — you need something that’s sturdy, easy to maneuver, and, of course, comfortable for your little one. You also need one that will make your life easier. The range of strollers on iCandy show how versatile today’s models now are, as many come with key accessories such as drink holders and shopping baskets. These are perfect for a parent with one set of hands and plenty of things to do. Being prepared also means bringing a car seat (if traveling by car), a diaper bag, and your own checklist of chores!

Make sure they are well-rested

You may have a lot of fun tricks up your sleeve but nothing beats making sure that kids are properly rested and prepared to have a long day ahead of them. In one of our ‘Family Guides’, we list ways to create a sleeping routine that works for toddlers. It’s one of the things that will ensure the day goes smoothly for everyone.

The Good News Network notes that 73% of kids want to spend time with their parents, and many of these activities can be incorporated into your errands. With these tips, it’s the best of both worlds.

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