6 Vegan Skincare Products to Try This Year

6 Vegan Skincare Products to Try This Year

With the vegan trend rising year after year, consumers have become more aware and self-conscious about using animal products. For that reason, even skincare products have become more attentive to this change and have adapted new trends into their lines, for instance, becoming vegan. This has not only helped vegans to find their place among the society, but generally even people who aren’t vegan have accepted these changes into their life, as some people don’t want animals to be hurt for the purpose of beauty.  Nowadays there are tons of cruelty-free products and they are just as good or even better than the ones that aren’t. 

The important thing here to know is if products are 100% vegan and if the brand keeps all of its products in the same way, not just one of them. It is important to know brands that have a changed mentality and it’s not just about promoting one product. 

With that in mind, find here listed vegan skincare products to try out this year.

1. Skyn Iceland

Sarah Kugelman is the founder of this brand, and she has become popular for combining pure and natural resources for her skin care products. Even PETA has commemorated Kugelman for her commitment to the vegan world and never testing on animals.

2. Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary is a great brand because it is not solely dedicated to women’s skin, but it is a unixed product. This skin care line is organic, vegan, cruelty free, petroleum free, and they also don’t add any synthetics like parabens, sulfates or silicones to it, therefore what you are putting in your skin is only the best ingredients for it.

3. Pai

Pai is a skin care line, dedicated to those with sensitive skin. It is free from petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, alcohol, parabens and tons of other harmful chemicals, as the founder Sarah Brown identifies that these materials contained synthetics and irritants. Not only is this brand vegan, but it is also organic, and just as a bonus, this brand has recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 

4. Nuria Beauty

Another great skin care line that turns out to be 100% vegan. With a founder who has traveled the world in order to find more resources for Nuria Beauty, as the founders have addressed their concerns of the environment. 

5. Youth to the People

Renowned for being 100% vegan, this skin care line is all about skin glow and moisturizing. It uses a lot of fruits in the ingredients of their beauty products, as even fruits are packed with minerals and properties that are great for the skin.

6. Isle of Paradise

Talking about self-tanning, this brand is great for carrying tanning products while also being vegan. It uses ingredients like chia seeds, coconut oils, avocado, or any natural materials that can leave your skin glowing and fresh. Nevertheless, this brand is great for natural skin flow and keeping the skin hydrated.

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