Fitness Tips: How to Regain Back Your Shape After Giving Birth

Fitness Tips: How to Regain Back Your Shape After Giving Birth

Being a new mom  can be quite tricky, after all you are taking care of a newborn, breastfeeding consecutively, and  regaining your body back. Some women feel that they will  immediately lose the baby weight as soon as they give birth,  and while it is this way for some women, for others it is a much trickier path. The time that it takes for women to regain their shape back after giving birth can be quite frustrating as the body works differently for everybody. For some women it has to do with hormones, I’m the fact that they are producing milk,  while for others it has to do with eating habits and a fitness regimen. Nevertheless there are a lot of tips on how women can regain their shape back after giving birth,  but you should determine which one works best for your body.

Also, don’t feel depressed or saddened by the fact they haven’t regained your shape back, think about everything that your body went through,how it carried a baby and was able to form a human life inside of you.  Take this into consideration and don’t be so hard on yourself. Regaining your body back takes time, and patience, a lot of patience, and you also have to admit to yourself that your body will actually never be the same again, since it went through the beautiful process of pregnancy and birth. For some women, their hips even widen a little bit, and in the end your body looks slightly different from what it looked like before, after all, you are a mother now. 

Don’t give up just yet, you can work hard and patiently to regain your body back but also enjoy being a mother, and don’t worry about your body just yet, give it time to adjust and heal, and soon enough your body will also start changing as well.


Starting a healthy diet as soon as you give birth is extremely important for this process to work. You don’t necessarily have to be on a very strict diet, but you should measure your portions and now you’re only eating for one. Eat healthily,  that means a lot of fruits and vegetables,  avoid fatty snacks or fried food, and simply help yourself and your body to lose the baby weight and to regain its shape by eating healthier.

2. Exercise

Exercise is extremely important in order to regain your shape back. Of course, after having a baby it takes time for the mother to heal oh, and you will notice that you won’t have the same energy right after giving birth, after all, you will be taking care of a baby and waking up in the middle of the night for them. Nevertheless don’t settle and don’t slack,  make sure that whenever it is possible for you, you start walking,  take long walks and start getting your body prepared for movement. It is a process to become fit right after giving birth,  so be patient with yourself and start moving around your body as much as it is possible for you.

3. Perform kegels

These are also known as pelvic exercises, and they are great for strengthening your pelvic floor, especially if you had a natural birth. You want everything down there to heal and to regain back its original shape, after all you just had a baby through there. 

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