How Much Do Hair Colorists Make per Year?

How Much Do Hair Colorists Make per Year?

Hair coloring is a significant section of the hair styling industry, but with coloring at home kits growing in popularity, how much money can you make as a hair colorist in 2022? Read on to find out the annual salary of a hair colorist and ways that you can increase your salary.

If you are looking to find a job in hair coloring, you may need to update your resume. You can use free templates to help you create the perfect resume and land a hair colorist job! ResumeHelp has a hair stylist resume template suitable for this role. 

2022 Annual Hair Colorist Wage

According to Comparably, the range of hair colorist salaries is vast, and you can make a small amount a year or a large amount. For example, the current average is $38,511, but you can make as much as $196,790! There are many factors to take into account when determining why the range of salaries is so different, including your location and experience. 


Your work location impacts your salary for several reasons. These reasons vary from the cost of living, job demand, and the cost of housing. For hair colorists, San Francisco has the greatest average salary, coming in at $57,426.


Those at an entry-level position and just entering the world of hair coloring will likely make a significantly smaller amount than those with several years of experience. However, all hair colorists will have had training and qualifications to make them suitable to work in a salon or as a freelance colorist, so the starting wage should usually reflect your capabilities.

What Can I Do To Increase My Pay? 

There are many ways to increase your salary, which include:

Offer more services

Hair coloring is your passion, and you shouldn’t change this specialty. But, you can offer other services to boost revenue. For example, most clients only refresh their hair color every 6-8 weeks, but many clients go to a salon every few weeks for a cut and blow-dry. So, add these quick and accessible services to your repertoire to boost your salary.

Network to reach more clients

The more clients you have, the more money you will make! It may be challenging to grow your clientele, but it is doable. Ensure your clients always give you reviews online and recommend your services to their friends. You can also go to events to network with other hair stylists and colorists to get your name known in your field.

Reduce overhead

If you work in a salon, this may not apply to you so much. But, if you are a salon owner or manager, you will be in charge of ordering products and maintaining expenditures. However, if you are a freelance colorist, it is vital to keep tabs on your spending so that you can plan your finances and prevent yourself from overspending. 

If you pay greater attention to your tools, you can prevent buying new ones. For example, the Evergreen Beauty College has a valuable step-by-step guide on maintaining shears, which will be helpful when looking to save money! 

Increase your pricing/sell products 

This may be obvious, but if no other tactics work, an easy way to increase your pay is to increase your client’s pricing. This doesn’t have to be by an excessive amount. For example, adding $3 to your price for bleaching hair could amount to an extra $30 a week. 

If you don’t feel comfortable charging your clientele more money, you could also try selling products to them. In salons, it is standard procedure for a hairstylist to offer the client the products that have been used on them, whether shampoo and conditioner or heat protectant spray. If you start to do this, you will earn a commission and take home more pay!

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