Tips for Air Drying Depending on Your Hair Type

Tips for Air Drying Depending on Your Hair Type

Air drying can be a great way to protect your hair from the heat of a blow dry. If you’re interested in keeping your hair as healthy as possible, air drying more frequently may be the best way to do that, and for some people, especially people with very frizzy hair, it’s the best way to keep the hair from puffing up. If you’re trying to create your own air drying process, grab an Ulta coupon and look into these products and techniques for your hair type.

1. Straight Hair

Many with straight hair just assume that they only need to wash their hair and let it hang to dry, but there are some techniques you can use to create better styling options for straight hair. When towel drying, use a microfiber cloth, which can be helpful for finer hair. Brush through the hair with a wet brush, adding some styling cream only to the ends – adding styling products all the way through straight hair can weigh it down. Shake your head slightly from side to side, allowing the hair to fall into its natural part, and allow it to dry in whatever shape you prefer. Once it’s fully dry, you can add a bit more styling cream to the ends if desired.

This technique allows your straight hair to air dry without looking bland or boring. Plus, especially because straight hair tends not to hold much frizz, you can style after the hair is dry, if you want.

2. Wavy Hair

For wavy hair, there are many air drying options. So-called “hair plopping,” where you gather your waves at the top of your head and wrap them in a drying cloth until the hair dries, can be a great way to define waves and create more volume. However, before you do that, wait until your hair is about 50% dry, then work some product into it. You may be used to adding product when your hair is still super wet from the shower, but this may be too much weight for many wavy hair types to start developing curl. By waiting a bit, you can encourage curl production as you air dry.

This air drying technique gives your hair more volume and helps your hair’s natural curl pattern to shine through. The natural waves just get a little bit of an extra boost from the product.

3. Curly Hair

Most stylists agree that the best way to air dry curly hair types is to touch and mess with it as little as possible. Very lightly towel dry your hair, apply a leave-in styling product of your choice, and then leave it alone. Many people with curly hair also struggle with frizz, and avoiding touching your hair once you’ve started air-drying will absolutely help. Once you’ve added your product and scrunched your hair a few times, just leave it alone.

This technique makes it easier for you to get those beautiful, soft curls without the accompanying frizz. Plus, the product will help you keep the style you’re looking for.


While different hair types can benefit from different types of air drying techniques, every hair type can benefit from air drying at least once in a while. If you’re looking to give your hair a break from the blow dryer, you might want to think about air drying every so often. It can be a great way to mix up your styling options.

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