How to Create a Sleeping Routine for Your Toddler

How to Create a Sleeping Routine for Your Toddler

Having a small kid can definitely be complicated, they will have different sleeping schedules, different eating schedules and basically everything different and why you’re used to. Prepare yourself for the idea that things are changing, and that now you are devoting yourself and your life to your kid, they are your priority and the ones you should focus on. Creating a sleeping routine for your toddler can be quite tiring, you will often feel like nothing that you do works and this can be the most frustrating part. The truth is that kids grow and every face for them is different,  it is important for you to be reading about these different faces in order to not get frustrated with a change in their sleeping schedule. 

You will soon come to understand that at different ages some kids sleep less and then others sleep more, but once you have this figured out making a sleeping routine for your toddler will be easier. Also understand that not all days are meant to be easy, there will be  some days where your toddler will be more fuzzy, they  will take longer to sleep or keep on waking up, which is even more exhausting for you. The most important part here is to have patience. You are both growing and learning together and sleeping routines are meant to create a deeper bond between parents and toddlers. Check out the following tips on what you should be doing to prepare your toddler for bed.

1. Bath Time

Time is crucial for letting your toddler know that time is approaching. When kids have a bath before going to bed it is all so relaxing and soothing, which is why it is a great routine to have right before bedtime. Some people pick to have a bath time before dinner while others choose to do it after,  whatever you will pick be aware that you want your kid to maintain himself relaxed after the bath to be prepared for bed. 

2. No Electronics

With technology being so present nowaday kids use it to watch cartoons, or movies that every moment of the day. If you want your kid to sleep make sure you keep electronics away from them before bed. Screens and bright lights stimulate activity and this will often add on energy to your kids before bed which will make it impossible for you to get them to sleep.

3. Bedtime Stories or Songs

Bedtime stories or certain songs are a perfect way to  make a relation of these with sleeping for your toddler. This way after a while when your toddler hears of the starting song or knows that it is time for a story they will relate it to sleeping.

4. Set a Time

It is extremely important that you set a specific time of when your toddler should be in bed already. For example, if you want your kid to be sleeping at 7 p.m. then every other activity needs to be done before that time. Planning ahead is the best way for you to ensure that your kid will always have the same sleeping hour. Plan ahead the dinner that they are going to have and the time that they will eat it, take into consideration bath time, storytime, and try to do all of this before the time that you have set. This is great for creating a routine for your toddler however if they are accustomed to sleeping at a certain time and you miss the time that they should be sleeping you will have a problem putting them to bed afterward. 

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