How to Make Your Own Face Masks

How to Make Your Own Face Masks

Forget about spending tons of money on face masks and beauty products since there are a couple of things that you can do with everything that you have at home. Everyone loves a good DIY and for that reason, making our own face mask is extremely satisfying. There are a lot of natural remedies and home supplies that you can use to make your own face mask, without mentioning that natural ingredients have tons of properties and benefits for your skin. There are often some people that choose to make their own beauty products since the ones that they find in stores usually have some chemicals or properties that might not be entirely beneficial for the skin.

Nevertheless making your own face mask has a lot of benefits to it, like natural enrichment of your skin while also saving yourself money in beauty shopping. You can still buy a lot of products for your skin, but it is incredibly convenient to know how to do your own face mask or whenever you are at home you can simply try it out.

The only thing that you need is a bowl and kitchen ingredients to get started, after this you will be a pro at doing your own face masks. 

1. Honey, Oats, and Warm Water

This is literally everything that you need to make this hydrating and moisturizing face mask. Leave your face and skin glowing by combining these ingredients in order to make a small paste and applying it to your face. Oats have anti-inflammatory properties, they are great for allergies and to avoid itchy scratching, so whenever you have dry skin, or even inflamed pimples, this mask will help a lot with that. 

2. Mayonnaise and an Egg

Simple and a little smelly, but it works just right. Who would have thought that Mayo could have such great properties for the skin, and although it might be funny at first to  apply a combination of mayonnaise and eggs in your face, you will realize that this face mask leaves your skin looking nourished and smooth.

3. Plain Yogurt and Orange

Everything you need for this mask is plain yogurt, and only a small squeeze of orange juice is combined to it. Yogurt is great for revitalizing the skin, it is fresh and cool and will leave your face glowing after 20 minutes of letting it sit.

4. Honey + Coconut Oil + Avocado + Lavender Oil

If you are looking for a more spa-scented face mask, to feel like you are getting a pricey treatment, this mask is perfect for it. It delivers a deep hydration with the use of coconut oil, it helps your skin with antioxidants with the honey, avocado is amazing for moisturizing and lavender oil will reduce swelling and give your face a delicious smell.

There are endless options for the things that you can do with your home ingredients. Usually what helps people the most is researching the benefits of different ingredients that you find around your house and see how they can help your skin look younger and beautiful, and then after reading out the properties of each one use them and combine them into different face masks. 

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