Fishing Equipment Tips For Beginners

Fishing Equipment Tips For Beginners

A day at the bank is a day well spent for many, getting some fresh air and enjoying a wholesome day of fishing. Whether you are looking to develop your skills to become an experienced angler or are just looking for a day of family fun, we’re here to help you get started without breaking the bank so you can head on your next trip in no time.

Know your spot

Every location is different so prepare in advance and ensure you are permitted to visit the space. You will most likely require a fishing license which allows entrance to a particular fishery for a specified amount of time. Check the permit type needed for your intended location and purchase the appropriate license for either 1 day, 8 days or 12 months; a one day permit tends to set you back around £6.

Finding a combo deal

Your rod and reel make up the basis of your kit so ensure you find quality equipment that is affordable. With so many different brands and features available on the market, knowing where to start can be confusing, so look for combo deals designed for beginners. 

Getting the right bait

Choosing the most effective fishing bait will depend on your fishing style. There are various types of bait available, and each comes in different formats designed in accordance with the conditions of the water. By having an understanding of the type of fish you aim to catch and the water conditions, you will be able to tailor your bait to increase your chance of making a great catch.

Dressing accordingly

When you head for a day at the bank, you are exposed to the elements, and we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be! Bringing plenty of layers is always advisable for fishing, allowing you to easily add and remove them as appropriate so you can stay warm and comfortable all day long. Waterproof outer layers and suitable footwear are also necessities, keeping you well dressed for the surroundings.

Food and drink

With so much to think about when packing your bag for the day, it can be easy to overlook your personal needs. As you are likely to be out in the sticks for the duration of your trip, ensure you have access to plenty of food and water to last you the day as you don’t want to get caught short. Don’t forget to pack wipes and hand sanitiser too so you can clean up before you tuck in.

Additional bits and bobs

To make sure you have everything you need, keep a few extra essentials in the bottom of your kit bag as you never know when they will come in handy. We always keep a torch, pair of scissors, mini first aid kit and weighing scales in our bag at all times as they’re bound to have their usage, meaning you don’t have to worry about being caught without.

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