How to Rank Your Dental Practice Higher on Google Maps

How to Rank Your Dental Practice Higher on Google Maps

Google has a maps ranking section that appears every time someone searches for a service provider or a business in their area. Google my business is an authoritative SEO tool that can help your dental practice rank among the top three search results in your area. 

Do not overlook the benefits of having a Google My Business (GMB) listing. With the right tips, your dental practice will be displayed in the maps section of Google SERP’s and your target audience will know of your existence in their local area and how to get to your offices.

To rank a dentist GMB in Google Maps, Google considers the business that offers quality content, has the best reviews and closely matches what people are searching for to give them a higher rank. The right dental SEO marketing firm can optimize your website and content to help you reach page 1 results. Here is how you can rank higher on Google maps.

Track Your Practice’s Google Maps Ranking

If you have an active website for your dental practice, the chances are you’re already on Google maps. However, you may have a lower rank. Therefore, it is crucial to track your site’s progress on local maps and in organic searches so you can monitor and improve it.

Digital marketing services providers use various tracking tools that target commonly used keywords in the dental industry and use the exact keywords to ensure your site gets a higher rank.

If you do not have a listing, start by filling out your profile and claim your GMB listing. Include a local number on your profile because the local area code will help identify your practice with your location. This will help your practice rank high on maps.

Optimize Your Site and Content

While optimizing your GMB has several benefits, it is not enough to stand out from your competitors. Positive reviews or using a local phone number may land you a space on the maps, but quality content will help your site earn a top spot in the search. 

To optimize your site, use the exact keywords and content your target audience uses while searching for the services you provide. For example, if a patient uses the words ‘dental implant dentist‘, Google will show them the top three sites in their area that have the same service. If your website does not have similar keywords or content, it will not appear on the search results. 

Add Videos and Photos to Your Listing

Quality videos and photos are becoming common in the dental world. With relevant photos and videos, your site can jump right over your competition on Google Maps. You can upload the videos on your YouTube channel and social media sites and embed them on your website procedure pages. 

Videos offer a huge ranking effect when captioned correctly. Uploading branded photos on your website and social media pages will make it easy for your target patients to identify your practice and the services you offer. 

Get Google Reviews

Google is attracted to websites that use its products. As you use Google products such as Google reviews, you will increase your chances of ranking higher on Google Maps. Positive reviews are also crucial in SEO. 

Choose a Reputable Dental Digital SEO Company to Improve Your Ranking

SEO and digital marketing can be complicated if you do not have the right experience. Rank higher on Google Maps and grow your business when you work with a Digital SEO services provider who knows the needs of your audience and what appeals most to Google Maps. These companies will allow you to focus on giving your patient’s the best as they work on growing your business.

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